I succeeded with a fool's idea


Ellison worked 90 hours a week including late hours as well as weekends. His work place was chaotic. All the responsibility fell on him. He relates: “What have I done? If I don’t make a change, I’m dead.” Ellison’s work made him burn out.

YOU likely work about eight hours a day. That’s too much time and too much life to sacrifice to boredom! Maybe you are among those who are burned out due to the pressure of their current jobs. After I graduated from school, I remember the days when I was always on my heels in search of job. I can never forget the emotional trauma that overtook me…

I finally got a job but my health condition forced me out again. What makes the difference between Ellison and me? At least we had one thing in common. Looking for a sustainable “white color” job…
Unfortunately, that (white color job) is all that many people are looking at. Most look forward to being employed by someone to be honored with a meager remuneration or sometimes a high salary with lots of unbearable pressure. Paul in Netherlands relates: “I left the company I worked for because I was often away on business trips. I did not have enough time to care properly for my family.” Are you a workaholic? “Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind,” says Ecclesiastes 4:6.

If secular work consumes too much time and energy, it can rob you of joy. Do not let your job take away that precious emotional joy… True, it is unwitting to quit your current sustainable job with the intention of venturing into a business that you have not tested to be viable. Therefore, I will admonish that you try this legitimate business on part-time bases. After setting up, you’ll have to spend 30minutes to 1hour each day posting ads…

Here’s how I Made a Fortune with a "Fool Idea"
I thought of working from home. I needed a business that I would love doing and to get ample time for my family, and to have my freedom for other activities. I wished I had a business that will favor my health condition. I know people who worked at a business 12 hours a day for years and never made any money. I can't afford that kind of time. That's not a business. That's a job. Here, I am not talking about a job. I mean a real business on the Internet that will give me ample time and become the boss in control of my affairs. I kept searching until one day when I stumbled on a list of “Top 5+ Websites.” The list showed how much wealth each website has been able to amass.

Here’s the list below. See how much individuals and companies are making for building legitimate businesses online.

Some of these businesses were started by some individuals who knew nothing about online business. Yet, others had offline businesses and wanted to try out how a business online could boost their local business. So they thought of it, laid down a workable plan and initiated that plan. Like those businesses, I knew I could also do it and make a living online by doing what I love and by working virtually anywhere I go across the globe.

Paul mentioned earlier currently owns a business online. As a home-based worker or a virtual worker, his business takes far less of his time and energy. He has become a boss by himself and has full control of his time. You can start from scratch and begin working part-time till you meet that goal. Life is full of legitimate concerns. So if your freedom and family happiness is a prime concern, then it’s time to reconsider being part of this done-for-you business. I am really concerned about how you can succeed.

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