Lesson Objectives for This Fast Track Online Business eCourse:

  • In this lesson, you’ll learn how to start a legitimate business with a near-zero cost of investment.
  • You’ll be able to learn how to generate your customized eBook using my eBook software.
  • Know the reason why you should give your prospects value for free.
  • Learn how to track your promotions.

To be successful in this fast track online business, set a goal to complete the lessons for Day 1 today if possible. Be smart and focus on your goal to achieve that dream. So beware of dream killers. These include some friends who will advise you to quit, your mobile devices, social media, and procrastination.

Therefore, put away anything that will cause destruction. Then, try to finish the day’s action plan at the end of this lesson.

May you enjoy the lessons to the max…

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