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8 Days of Legit E-Business

A full online business course for beginners and advanced learners.

Roadmap to starting a biz online

Read this first! 
You don’t need a website to make money online. But, the starting point is very crucial. However, it is doable. If you are a starter or have ever failed, then, this intro gives you hope and builds your confidence…

Facts about online business & money

In this free e-course for beginners to advanced marketers, you’ll learn how to start a legitimate business with a near-zero cost of investment. So, learn how to build a business from our 5 recommended legit online business models...

Getting the needed campaign tools

Every successful business owner requires a unique strategy and a working system. And that is our aim. So, join our already winning business community and get our done-for-you funnel systems or learn how to build your biz…

How to grab more audiences with free eBook baits

In order to make your first paycheck online, you need a ready to pay audiences. Where do you get these audiences? How do you grab their attention to your business with gifts/baits. Then, how do you keep them forever? Find out the best ideas...

How to set up your first automated email campaign

Automation is the best way to leapfrog your business from zero (0) to success. After you have gotten all the needed business tools, then, have to stop using the manual approach. Of course, automation in your biz is a sure success. Let's talk about how to automate...

How to set up your done-for-you landing page

As a beginner, all that you need to help you to succeed is a landing page. But not just any landing page! YOU NEED A HIGH-CONVERTING LANDING PAGE OR SQUEEZE PAGE.Truly, at LegitEBusiness, we create and test out to know the best pages and tools... 

Ad posting and affiliate marketing super tips

PPC, CPA, and CPM advertisers have made millions of dollars online. Affiliate marketing is also another big money-making industry. So join us as we dive deep into how to start simple PPC/CPA advertising and affiliate biz…

eBook self-publishing vs Amazon Kindle KDP

eBooks are all over the internet. You may have download an eBook from Amazon kindle, Google Play Books, or from other websites. In eBooks are one of the most sold assets online. What if you become a self-publisher to sell eBooks online?  

How to get ready-to-buy traffic and leads for your biz

In every business, whether online or offline, there should be ready-to-buy customers. This is because no sails no business. Getting people to visit your store (traffic) is one of the hardest parts of selling. That is why we help... 

Learning to achieve your dreams

Finally, It’s A Win-Win Game. Our learning academy will help you to learn Digital Marketing, Ad Posting, and Affiliate Business the simple way. You can get the 5 best online business ideas on how to start any one of our hand-picked digital business models from the comfort of your home.

This is an online course to enhance your e-business mastery. We aim to give you the “best online business ideas” using e-business models such as advertising, affiliate marketing or digital marketing, e-book publishing, e-services, and dropshipping (e-commerce). 

It is also an interactive e-course that will guide you on how to set up a simple online business from scratch. Therefore, you can start by simply following the steps through days 1 to 8. Thus, our 8-day e-biz-driven instructions are purely geared toward first - your success before ours. Why should we let you succeed first? Because we at LegitEBusiness want you to be our business partner. So yours first, then, we will succeed too. 

Hence, it’s time to work seriously toward your success and not ours. That said, go ahead to learn more and achieve your dreams.